Connecting you and your clients.


If you want a little more


  • Works with every Internet provider 1

  • 1 Wi-Fi (SSID) with the name “”

  • 3 Wi-Fi (SSID) with names of your choice 4

  • 5 Antenna licenses 2 included

  • Hotspot VPN tunnel router included


For your basic needs


  • Works with every Internet provider 1

  • 1 WiFi (SSID) with the name “”

  • 1 Antenna license included 2

  • Easily upgradable

Benefits of free Wi-Fi

  • Attract new customers
  • Differentiate your business
  • Offer trusted services
  • A happy customer is a returning customer

The success of notebooks and smartphones, which make it possible to connect to the internet at any time, means that public demand is turning towards higher availability of internet access. Checking emails, websites and product information on the go is a habit of many people. Mobile plans have data limits and many people do not want to use their data plan, so they are looking for free Wi-Fi.

  • 38% say no Wi-Fi is a deal-breaker and will book elsewhere. – by Hotel Chatter
  • 93% of tablet owners will use Wi-Fi only. – by Deloitte
  • Up to 70% of consumers in-store have a Wi-Fi capable device in their pocket. – by Retail Touch Points
  • 60% of people can’t go without Wi-Fi for more than 1 day. – by Iconic Displays is the way you need to offer your customers free Wi-Fi.

Benefits of

  • is a known and trusted SSID
  • Simple to use (One click login)
  • Easy to implement into existing network topology

The Wi-Fi name known for over 12 years in more than 500 different locations around Luxembourg (Shopping Centers, Banks, Hotels, Coffee shops, Gas stations etc.).

The customer trusts the brand for its reliable Wi-Fi.

How does VPN work?


Benefits of our hotspot router with VPN tunnel

To use, you only need to select the Wi-Fi-Signal “” from the available Wi-Fi list. The user is then redirected to a login page where he needs to validate his free connection with only one click. After a predefined period, the user needs to revalidate his free connection on the login page. This login page will indicate that the Wi-Fi is offered by your business.

With the hotspot VPN router, your customers connect to the internet over one of our servers. This means that the customer enters the internet over an official ISP access.

Although you offer the service from your location it is legally not your network. We care about your peace of mind.

Interested? is the all-round carefree solution for WiFi. Ready to learn how it can be implemented at your site?
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References and footnotes

  1. Minimum 100 Mbit/s recommended

  2. A license is the connection of the device to our server

  3. Password protected (not VPN tunnel protected)

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